2017: The Death Of “Free Speech”?

I don’t agree with everything that Katie Hopkins says, however I do think that in a supposedly free and open democracy, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether you agree with it or not.

The point of ‘freedom of speech’ is that people are entitled to their own opinion. If everybody thought exactly the same way, and everybody agreed with each other, we’d have a pretty boring way of life.

The thing is, that people like Katie Hopkins, and even to an extent Tommy Robinson, have been so reviled by our media, that everything they say is automatically deemed to be “offensive” and worthy of being classed as ‘hate speech’.

People like David Icke speak their mind, and are rounded on for being ‘nutjobs’.

If other people say things that you don’t agree with, please don’t be offended. At least, just listen to what they have to say.

Just because you don’t think the same as they do, don’t feel the need to get angry and report them for ‘hate speech’.

Listen, and then make up your own mind. You either agree, or don’t. If you agree, that’s great. If you don’t agree, just shrug your shoulders and move on. And recognise that individuals do have their own opinions.

We seem to be rapidly heading to a stage where the fiction of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is fast becoming a reality. Armed police and soldiers on our streets. Report anyone ‘acting suspiciously’. Censoring freedom of speech. If you do not conform with the ‘narrative’ you will be removed from society until you can be ‘persuaded’ otherwise (Mental Health Act etc). An authoritarian state disguised as a ‘democracy’.

OK, so some things that Katie Hopkins has said before are probably in bad taste, but as I said already, that is her opinion and she is entitled to it. You can either agree with or ignore it. But please just at least listen first, and then make your own mind up, before getting offended just because someone else’s opinion doesn’t match your own. That becomes the end of freedom of speech as we know it, and anyone who speaks against the ‘narrative’ automatically becomes a “terrorist”.