Gibraltar 2017

September 2017 saw me travelling to the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. I have had a desire to pay a visit here for some time, so decided to give myself a ‘birthday treat’ of a long weekend.

Gibraltar 2017

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I had a great time! Gibraltar is one of those places that you really should visit. It is such a small country that the more able-bodied can easily travel around on foot in a few hours. For the less able-bodied, there are frequent bus services, that didn’t seem too expensive.

There’s definitely two kinds of holiday you can take here. If you want to do the whole ‘touristy’ thing, book yourself a long weekend and stay in one of the hotels in the city centre. From there, you can see pretty much most of what there is to see in a couple of days.

If you want a quiet “get-away-from-it-all” relaxing break, stay at the Caleta Hotel on the east side of Gibraltar, at Catalan Bay. Make a week of it if you like, and perhaps take a day out into the city centre and west side to do the ‘touristy’ things, like ride on the cable car to the top to see the apes!

Unfortunately, just a week or so after I got back, Monarch went into administration, so for now there are no direct flights from Birmingham. Hopefully another operator can pick these up, and perhaps I’ll go back again sometime soon.

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