Rhodes 2017

October 2017 saw me spend a week away on the island of Rhodes, Greece. Stayed at the Barbie Studios, in the resort of Ialysos. I just wanted a nice long quiet week away with some sunshine, so this ended up fitting the bill, as due to being the end of the season, the town was mostly deserted.

Rhodes 2017

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Greece is another country that I’ve always wanted to visit, having studied Ancient Greek at sixth-form college. Rhodes isn’t quite mainland Greece, but still Greece all the same.

Having never visited Rhodes before, it would be unfair to make judgement based on my travelling there during practically the last week of the tourist season – the owner of the aparthotel where I stayed told me they’d be closing in 4 days time on the last day I was there. Ialysos was mostly deserted, a lot of restaurants and bars had already closed due to ‘end of season’. Even the ones that bravely stayed open were half-empty.

The weather was great for the first few days anyway, only marred by some heavy rain and thunderstorms the last couple of days.

Would I go back? More than likely. It would be nice to see what Rhodes was like during the holiday season, I bet Ialysos would be a lot more lively.

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