Out & About 2021: Bartley Reservoir

Gosh, it seems like ages since I’ve had an opportunity to get out and visit and explore some unfamilar areas. So with the weather looking to improve over this weekend and into next week, I decided to get out the house and go explore!

On Saturday, I decided to go down into Yardley Wood and catch the number 18 bus all the way over to Bartley Green. There’s a lovely little park right next to the Bartley Reservoir, while the reservoir itself is inaccessible to the public, being owned by Severn Trent Water, and utilised only by the Bartley Sailing Club, there are some nice views to be had from the park situated on the north side of the reservoir.

Apart from a small number of dog walkers, and a lady sat on one of the picnic tables working on a laptop, there was no-one else around. And the other side of Scotland Lane houses the Bluebell Woods. Well, I didn’t see any bluebells, but it was fun to explore the trails through the woods.

On a gorgeous day like this – though my photos don’t show the best of it – you’d think the locals of Bartley Green would be out enjoying this lovely scenery, right on the outskirts of west Birmingham.

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