Out & About 2021: Highbury Park

Following yesterday’s adventure over to Bartley Green, today’s exploration was a bit closer to home, but I still felt the need to get out the house and enjoy this beautiful weather, so I decided to go and visit somewhere that I had sort of been to before, but have meant to go back and have a proper ‘wander about’ for some time.

A short walk down to the bottom of Trittiford Road got me on the number 27 bus into Kings Heath, where I got off on Avenue Road so I could enjoy a short walk around Kings Heath Park, which I have previously visited probably a couple of years ago now.

From there, a short walk back up Avenue Road and under the railway bridge reveals a ‘hidden’ entrance into Highbury Park, which straddles the boundary between Kings Heath and Moseley.

The park itself is large, much larger than Kings Heath Park, and is mostly made up of the former grounds of the Highbury Hall manor house. So it’s great if you want to really stretch your legs and have a good walk around; as well as the regular pathways, there are numerous trails that one can follow if like me you prefer to go ‘off the beaten track’.

The ‘community orchard’ looked a bit abandoned and sorrowful, but I guess thats one consequence of this Covid pandemic. And it goes to show just how easily nature will take things over again.

Disappointingly, I was hoping to be able to have a good look around the outside of Highbury Hall itself and its gardens, but was dissuaded from doing so as the venue was being used for an ‘event’ that day.

My previous visit to Highbury Hall had of course been for my cousin’s wedding a few years ago now, and as it was a pretty wet and miserable day at the time, we never had the opportunity to see the outside of the venue properly.

Oh well, disappointment aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon walking around Highbury Park, and will not be hesitating to go back again sometime soon.

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