Return to Borth – 2022 (Part One)

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The recent Covid pandemic and being busy at work has limited my opportunities to get away anywhere for a break the last couple of years, so I was grateful to be able to have a few days off and treat myself to a ‘long weekend’.

Despite the short notice, I was able to find some accommodation in the place that I last visited, Borth in Wales, a little coastal village I first visited as a child on a family holiday, and after my last visit in 2019 I think I fell in love with the place.

I harbour a dream of eventually being able to buy a property and live there full-time, so I thought I’d try ‘living the dream’, and rented a small cosy cottage right in the heart of the village, which backs directly onto the beach.

Of course, this time of year, the weather isn’t so great, but this break was never about sunbathing or lazing around in t-shirt and shorts, it was just an opportunity to have a bit of a break and get away from the usual daily hustle and bustle.

So far, it seems to be working!

I arrived yesterday afternoon after a pleasant train journey from Birmingham New Street. One thing I do find handy about Borth is that it is (usually) a direct journey via Shrewsbury and Machynlleth, so the fares are reasonably priced (return ticket cost about £64) and the journey takes around 2hrs 40mins. The station at Borth is about a 1 min walk from the beach, so most accommodation in the village is a short walk away.

Despite the weather forecast, it was quite pleasant and mild when I arrived, though it has turned a bit cooler and wetter today! I’ve just returned from a nice invigorating walk along the beach to the top end of the village and back, just before the heavens opened! Now I’m going to curl up on the sofa for a bit and catch up on some reading!

To be continued in Part Two…

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