Return to Borth – 2022 (Part Two)

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Friday evening and into Saturday morning saw some very wet and windy weather! When I thought it was safe, I decided to go for a walk along the beach in the opposite direction, towards the cliffs, but soon got caught in one final downpour!

After walking up Cliff Road, I decided not to venture up the cliff path after being warned by someone coming back down that it was very muddy and slippery! After a wander around Upper Borth, I headed back down to the Nisa to pick up some ‘refreshments’ and then walked back home along the beach.

By the time I returned, I had dried out, and the sun was shining, though it was still quite blustery! Pleasant enough to sit outside on the patio and enjoy a beer in the sunshine, watching the waves crashing in!

That didn’t last too long though, the wind started whipping up and some very ominous clouds started looming across the horizon! You don’t need Met Office forecasters when you live by the sea, you just look in the distance! So after a bit I retreated back inside.

The storm conditions returned overnight, though thankfully by the time I woke up this morning, the wind had died down, the skies had cleared and it was looking like it was going to be a beautiful day. Typical, the day I was going back home! Although I didn’t have to check out until 11am, I was up early enough to get showered, dressed and packed in time to get the 9:44am return train to Birmingham.

The journey soon passes with all that lovely Welsh countryside to stare at from the train window, and I took the time to reflect on my experience, yes I would very much like one day to have the opportunity to buy a property and live in Borth permanently, but for now I’ll settle for having it as somewhere to go to when I need a break to refresh myself and recharge my batteries. I’m sure I’ll be going back again soon…

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