Another holiday in Borth… – April 2023

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When you find somewhere you really like and feel at home, it is of course rude not to go back there!

Following my previous short stay last October, I booked a week in a lovely cottage, ironically right next door to the place I stayed at last time. It was of course a pleasure to invite my sister Kelly and her partner Jimi again, as a sort of combined Christmas and birthday present.

The weather was a bit of a disappointment for the time of year, though a considerable improvement on what we had been experiencing earlier in the month! Still, we managed to escape any major downpours, and we did get a couple of days of decent sunshine (as well as sunburn!) though the air remained quite cool.

We mostly stayed in and around the village, though we did venture by train to Machynlleth on the Wednesday afternoon, where we had a browse around the market before grabbing a bite to eat at the White Lion pub – highly recommended if you ever find yourself over that way!

The highlight of the week was of course on the Friday – Kelly’s birthday – when I took them both out for dinner at the ever wonderful Victoria Inn, which was then followed by an evening at the local ’boutique cinema’ Libanus 1877, where we watched ‘Renfield’ which to be fair I found quite an enjoyable film.

The cottage itself was nice and a bit more spacious, with an open-plan living-room, kitchen and dining room downstairs, and 4 decent sized bedrooms upstairs, as well as a lovely sitting room with gorgeous views. Only downside was having to pay for your own electricity, which was expensive due to being a pre-payment meter, and having to have the electric heaters on to take the chill off downstairs. Still, I’d definitely stay here again, the cost is worth it in my opinion.