Refreshing the garden – 2023

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...then after the tree surgeon had done their handiwork

I previously wrote about how my landlord had the conifers removed from the top of my garden at the start of this year, and since then I’ve had an ambition to ‘tidy-up’ that part as well as bring it back into some use.

After tidying up the bit of mess left behind by the tree surgeon, there’s not really much that I could do owing to the weather, so not much was done until last month.

Once we’d had a couple of days without rain, I was able at least to get the grass cut over the Easter weekend, and use some moss killer, with the intention being to use my new lawn scarifier/raker on the Easter Monday. Well that didn’t go to plan, as the weather forecast then changed for the worse and it ended up raining again!

It was then a frustrating couple of weeks, as I was hoping to get the lawn raked to remove the moss and then put down some grass seed before I went away on holiday at the end of April.

Heading towards the end of May, both the weather and certain timings seem to have started working in my favour! I ordered some shrubs for the top border from which were duly delivered to me ahead of schedule on the Friday before the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. So that was my plan for the long weekend decided for me!

Now I must point out that my garden sort of points south-east-ish so has always been a bit of a suntrap, and even more so since those conifers have gone! Saturday was a beautiful cloudless day, so while I started with good intentions of pulling out the weeds and digging and edging the borders, it didn’t take long before I had to give up.

Sunday was equally as nice, though I refrained from doing any more digging and weeding, I did at least manage to run the lawnmower over the grass to give it a trim. Later in the afternoon, it did turn cloudy and cooler, so I did contemplate picking up where I had left off, but after a couple of cans of cider (why not?) I just didn’t have the motivation!

So getting up on Monday, I had already decided today was “all or nothing” and I was going to push myself to get this job finished! Started out promisingly too, it was cloudy and overcast, and thus quite cool, so perfect really for a bit of intensive gardening.

Typical though, by the time I had got my act together, the clouds had broken and the sun was shining, though thankfully it wasn’t as warm as it was on Saturday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the several hours I spent outside, weeding, digging and then planting the shrubs I had bought, and while my work is not yet complete, I have an immense feeling of satisfaction!

Now time for a cold beer to ponder on what to to with the left and right borders of the garden…