Refreshing the garden – 2023 (part two)

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Nearly a month since my last endeavours, and the hard work is starting to pay off!

Just a quick little update here…

The shrubs I bought from Crocus seem to be doing quite nicely. The pieris has had a spurt of growth already, as has the hypericum, which has also flowered – not quite as magnificent as those I had in my old garden, but still brings back some happy memories!

I’ve also successfully revived my two senettis, after they got neglected for a while – you really do need to deadhead these regularly and keep them well watered, I thought these were both goners and was ready to give up on them, but both are flowering again nicely!

After a good cut at the weekend, the lawn looks much improved, though still a little patchy in places, but noticeably better than it looked at the start of the year! Left a couple of square metres in the middle uncut, as the bees and butterflies have been enjoying the clover that has flowered.

Also, you’ll see my next-door neighbours have been busy, I don’t know exactly what they were but they’ve had those evergreen trees cut down which had become a sprawling overgrown mess, and they’ve tidied up their magnificent cordyline, which is now free from being smothered by evergreens!