Journey To The End Of The Line – Penzance 2023

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A warm welcome at the train station in Penzance

I’ve never been to Cornwall, and while I’ve liked to have gone and visited there sooner, now my brother and his little family live in Penzance, I have no excuse not to go!

So this weekend saw me take a long epic train ride to literally the end of the line, as well as the end of the country. A near three and half hour journey from Birmingham New Street down to Plymouth, then to change onto another train to Penzance which took almost exactly two hours. Both routes are equally scenic, so the journey soon flew by, with the highlight possibly being the stretch near Dawlish where the train line is right next to the sea!

Of course it was lovely to catch up with Andy and Laura and to spend time with their little munchkin Lowen, as well as get to stay at their new home right in the heart of Penzance.

We took a drive over to nearby Falmouth, from where we took the ferry across to the picturesque coastal village of St Mawes. The next day we visited another beautiful nearby village, Marazion, from where you have spectacular views of the famous St Michael’s Mount. Then it was back to Penzance for a local tour, catching in the promenade and a couple of nice local pubs!

And of course, if you’ve travelled this far south-west, it would be rude not to go and visit the famous Lands End! While I didn’t care much for the ‘tourist village’ there, I guess if people are making the effort to travel so far to look at what are very picturesque cliffs, you may as well give them an opportunity to spend money on food, drink, and novelty entertainment. I found a stroll around the nearby Greeb Farm far more pleasurable, with its collection of animals.

Then on the way back, we stopped off to look at the mysterious ‘Merry Maidens’ stone circle.

I’d only ever intended to have a long weekend down there, but I will certainly be back for more in the future!